Italian cookie law and privacy issues

Cookie law is no doubt one of the hottest topics in 2015, raising many questions and sometimes causing a bit of confusion around the right use of cookies. These apparently harmless small strings of text have been under the spotlights since the introduction of Cookie Law, an EU directive adopted by all countries in 2011; since then [Read More]

Mobile app analytics tools

If, as we already announced, 2015 is the year of mobile strategy – the key role of this channel (considering that 86% of the time spent on mobile is on apps) makes necessary the collection of valuable data to evaluate KPIs and thus understand users behavior on your app. Considering mobile apps, there are several analytical tools avaialable, it [Read More]

Is my bounce rate good?

“Talking about bounce rate, which you think may be an optimal value to evaluate the performance of our website?” Often our clients ask us for a benchmark related to bounce rate metric. Let’s start with a premise: bounce rate is a metric that has to be contextualized so it is difficult to provide absolute values. In fact, [Read More]

R and package masking – a real life example

Very often, in our coding life, we forget one very simple yet important point to take care to: the importance of conflicts between packages. When you load a library in best case the command line is executed with no problem. However, the console is sometimes stuffed with red messages that we often ignore, moreover when [Read More]

2015: the year of mobile strategy

On March 10th 2015 we attended the first in a series of Google’s workshops “Food for the mobile thinking”, dedicated to strategic departments of media agencies. As you will have easily guessed, the meeting was focused on mobile and its strategic role in the advertising activities, going from data scenario to key topics such as multi-screen behavior, performance and impact [Read More]

clicks vs visits: a neverending story

Today I’d like to write about a question that should be pretty basic for those working in the  Digital Analytics world, but that unfortunately is often still too unclear: why is there a discrepancy between the number of clicks and the number of visits to the site? Before starting to list the reasons for this [Read More]