2015 – New Trends and possibilities

by Luca Rabboni


2014 has just ended, and 2015 seems to promise many innovations especially in the machine learning and computing.

I’ve tried to define five main topics for this year, and I think they will be:

1) Mobile: investments on mobile media are growing at faster than twice the traditional digital. This is also because the use of mobile devices is increasing constantly.

As written in our mobile scenario talk about 28Mio heads are unique in q3 2014, an increase of 11% on the previous quarter, a trend expected to grow in an increasingly strong, thanks to the speed of modern technological development.

2) Real-Time & Machine Learning : talking about the prediction itself, in our everyday life we experience algorithms and systems able to make forecasts constantly learning from our behavior (such as recommendation systems capable to tell us which books to buy on Amazon, starting from our previous purchases/navigations). The ability to integrate in a more complete and real-time way multiple data sources gives us more and more accurate forecasts, passing from the history of time “old style” (i.e. 36 months ago) to a more atomic vision of time, where the milliseconds become the true measurement units.

3) Cloud Computing : now part of common jargon in the world of Big Data, also dragging with itself concerns about data and privacy. The ability to perform calculations and operations increasingly complex even by a smartphone and at cheaper costs, is radically changing the way we access to data and information. What until five years ago was possible only with high-power cpu and ram, is now reality thanks to a simple Internet connection (see for example the Adobe Creative Cloud http://www.adobe.com/it/creativecloud. html)

4) Internet of Things : the wearable devices are experiencing their spring. 2015 will be their actual test year with a new endpoint capable to generate more high-value data for both the end consumer on his everyday life (e.g. data on sleep time and quality for Jawbone users), both companies in a strategic perspective (e.g. activate Advertising targeted by combining wearable information to data already in possession such as CRM data)

5) Data storytelling : in a time when the data are “big”, looking for the “meaningful ones” is no longer enough. The adoption of systems such as visual.ly able to make the data usable with a layout more “sexy & readable” is becoming increasingly popular and is in our opinion one of the hot topics of 2015.

This 2015 will a turning point especially for technology, taking us to the true real-time era. The mobile will be the natural accelerator of this process, due to the probable boom of wearable devices.

Happy New Year & stay tuned!