MilanoR meeting: Why we ♡ R

by Carlo Bonini


IMG_0745Yesterday evening, as previsouly announced in this post, we attended to MilanoR international conference to talk about how MEC Italy is using R to analyze large amounts of data coming from online and offline advertising.

But first, let’s start with a couple of explanations for those of you who are not in this industry: MEC is an agency that deals with media planning, structuring and delivering all communication activities of some of the leading italian brands.

That means,buying and selling online advertising spaces (the classic “skippable” video which starts on youtube) and offline (30% of the ads you see on TV are planned and deliverated by our agency).

We are and we will be even more and more a data-driven company  that has a strong focus on data analysis for business decision making.

From this perspective, what better tool for data analysis rather than R?

Coming to last night conference’s topic, we were asked to show how we use R software internally, so we passionately showed some moments of the development of a Shiny application combined with Google Vis. This activity gave one of our clients a great visibility on their data that an old and obsolete tool such as Excel is not able to give.

In next posts we’ll share the code behind this application.

In particular, as a Data Scientist I was really surprised by a question that I was asked:

Who is a Data Scientist?

Although I first hesitated, as I was a bit shocked by this question, I can now explain you the role of a data scientist just in a simple but effective sentence:

“A Data Scientist is someone who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician”.

In other words, not a rocket scientist as it sounds from the name!