Mobile: italian scenario in 6 questions

by Beatrice Bottoni




One of the hot topics in the digital italian world concerns the mobile scenario: how many mobile users in Italy? Who are they and how do they behave exactly? In particular, in the current state, should I invest in mobile?

But first…le’ts start with a clarification: we believe that the word “mobile” is pretty ambigous, as it could easily refer to other devices beside smartphones, such as tablets or other portable devices.

Their use, however, is fundamentally different, as generally smartphone is our personal device, carried with us every moment of the day, while tablets are usually used while  relaxing on the couch or  watching TV in our home and often they are shared with other family members.

How many? The use of this device is more and more massive and scored 28,896,680 accesses in Q3 2014, an increase of 11% over the previous year.

What do they do? Among the top activities we find the interaction with social networks – in particular users connect to Facebook through the app grew by 200%, they search for information and almost 2/3 of users purchased via smartphone, twice as previous year.
The search for information through mobile in 73% of cases lead to a subsequent interaction, whether it is the search of the address of the store, a phone call or a conversion.

How to navigate from the mobile? Android dominates the scene accounting 60% of the accesses, followed by iOS with 18% and Windows Phone with 9%; users access the internet via 3G (18 million users)  and wifi (14 million).

When do they surf? Italian users spend on average a quarter of their day connected to the Internet, accessing from desktop for 4 hours and 41 minutes and 2 hours and 13 minutes from smartphones. Despite they navigate from mobile primarily on-the-go, outside their homes, as many as 8 out of 10 users are accessing the Internet from mobile while watching TV. 41% of these research online the products they intend to buy.

The numbers speak for themselves, but are we really ready for the mobile era? On the adv side we are only at the beginning, while over 1.526485 billion euro invested in online advertising in 2013, only 5% is invested on mobile

What happens, however, if my site is not optimized for mobile? It was estimated that 40% of users that are facing a bad mobile UX turns to a competitor site to buy a product / service…moreover,  if your website is not quick enough in loading,  every increase of 100 ms of your site’s load time you are losing 1% of  sales….