Web analytics tools: the final guide available

by Carlo Bonini


The universe of web analytics is complicated and full of overpromising platforms; this guide aim is to give you more understanding over the complexity of this world.


1. Chartbeat:

It comes with some interesting featurchart_beates like real-time statistics and top trending pages of your website. Beside the awsome interface, its two most unique features are engagement and site performance features. The engagement feature is used for real time statistics based on what current or live active users are doing and the other one provides statistics based on the website’s load time. Video engagement metrics are definitely one another reason to use it.  Publisher’s choice.

Tool Features Pricing
Chartbeat Real time, Engagement metrics $9,95/1,000 concurrents





2. Crazy Egg:


Crazy Egg allows building heat maps and also tracks visitors based on every click on the website. It’s very useful in case of A/B testing and design for the maximum conversion likelihood. User based interactions requires a lot of data to be parsed in order to give useful insight. Designers’ choice.

Tool Features Pricing
Crazy Egg Heat mapping, Scrollmap Report $49/month (paid annually)






3. Spring Metrics:


It makes web analytics simpler as it offers real-time conversion analytics, keyword analytics, landing-page analysis and more. It also tracks a visitor’s path through the website and it’s mostly recommended for its simplicity. The email track is another huge advantage of this toll as it enable to integrate email services. E-mail marketers choice

Tool Features Pricing
Spring metrics Email optimization, behavioral triggers non disponibile




4. Woopra:


It’s another amazing tracking as well as analytical tool which has innovative features like customers profiles, live tracking of changes in design and more. It also provides a triggering Javascript feature to get serious on the one to one marketing. Personalization’s marketing choice.

Tool Features Pricing
Woopra Chat integration, managing user profiles, App connect $79.95/month






5. Clicky:


It’s a free service which again offers real-time analytics including Spy View. It lets you keep a track on what a visitor is doing on your website. its main feature is definitely the split tests analysis which let you make and analyze AB testing data.This tool has a mobile version too which means you can check statistics anywhere. Data geek’s choice

Tool Features Pricing
Clicky individual visitor, managing user profiles, $19.95/month







6. Piwik:


It’s an excellent alternative to Google Analytics which offers real-time statistics. It’s a free downloadable tool which can be directly installed to your server. This tool doesn’t require any loading time and if you are thinking to keep everything local on your server, then it may be the best service for you. Data privacy choice

Tool Features Pricing
Piwik App integration, Log analytics, No data storage limits free open source






7. Mint:


This analytics tool also offers real-time stats and it can also track site visitors, their route and which pages are viewed by them the most. It also offers several add-ons as per your choice. Customization’s choice

Tool Features Pricing
Mint Self-hosted solution, feed subscription patterns, several add-ons $30/site/year







8. Statcounter:


Are you looking for the quickest, easy-to-use and lightweight web analytic tool? Then Statcounter is best suited for you as it has some special features like entry and exit pages, keyword analysis, visit duration and others. Everything is offered in a simple environment.

Tool Features Pricing
Stat counter filter on single user,easiness of use and implementation free








9. Kissmetrics:


It’s an analytics tool which allows clients track movements of individual visitors and the change in behavioural patterns of visitors. It also helps identify a Timeline View of visitor activity. Everything is provided on an easy-to-understand visual format.

Tool Features Pricing
Kissmetrics Funnel report, A/B test, Cohort analysis $149/month







10. Mouseflow:


It offers video of users who are interacting with your website and also shows every click and movement of the visitors. Heat maps can also be viewed from different time periods.

Tool Features Pricing
Mouseflow Scrollmap,A/B test,Cohort analysis, live mouse tracking $119/month







11. Omniture Sitecatalyst(Adobe analytics):

if your company value the web business as primary or the only source of business, then Adobe is the right choice; not only it provide analysts with the best solution in terms of Web analytics reporting, but also the most complete suite when it comes to handle complex tasks like Predictive analytics, machine learning applied to marketing issues. Obviously, while it’s very easy for common reporting tasks with its useful report builder, you need extremely analytical skills to exploit its potential.


Tool Features Pricing
Adobe analytics Custom segmentation, Attribution analysis, Real-time analytics $100,000/year





12. Google Analytics


Needless to introduce you the most famous web analytics tool on the market, which is clearly made by Google. It comes free to use, and with a lot of customization needed to be implemented, such as event tracking, custom variables and goals setup. What is really impressive is the easiness of use combine with the endless possibilities that google let you customize, such as CRM integration, Adwords linking, SEO add-ons(web master tool) and dimension widening.The obvious choice

Tool Features Pricing
Google analytics Custom dashboarding, Attribution modelling comparison, CRM integration Free