by Luca Rabboni

Reports focused on performance analysis of the properties

What does it mean?

We create custom reports based on customers’ KPIs:

  • Standard report: performance analysis of campaigns by ad format, creativity and demographics
  • Actionable Insights Report: provides a detailed analysis on consumer preferences, defining their navigation paths and devices used


Combining the processed data our team provides a detailed and customized report tailored on customer needs whose outputs are actionable insights in PDF or PPT format

Advanced reporting is fully automated and consists of infographics and dashboards combined with an effective data visualization; by integrating online and offline data we are able to provide actionable insights on planned and future campaigns in one report

What are the benefits for our clients?

Easier data reading to ensure prompt support in Data-driven decisions making, providing a key to understand campaign performances declined on each KPI, suggesting on which of these to increase economic effort